What type of services do you provide?

Tbishphoto offers on location editorial and commercial photography. We photograph locations such as restaurants and real estate properties. We specialize in portraits, corporate head shots and promotional photos for business marketing. We cover public events such as parades, festivals, concerts, conferences, and lectures. All of our photos are retouched and color corrected to ensure optimum results.

What does retouching mean?

Retouching is an art. All of our images are painstakingly edited. Many people can use Photoshop to edit an image, but it takes a special skill set to create an image that does not look retouched. Below are some ways that we may enhance your photos.

Retouching: Portraits

  • Fly-away hair removed
  • Eyes-brightened and sharpened
  • Teeth-whitened and straightened when possible
  • Blemishes removed and wrinkles softened
  • Waistline trimmed (at your request) Note: no gym membership or surgery required.
  • Wrinkles in clothing are softened

Retouching: Locations

  • Wires Removed when possible
  • Stains from walls removed or softened
  • Scratches on furniture removed or softened
  • Shiny surfaces made shinier and glare removed or softened

Note: Retouching has its limits. We will use our discretion at determining how to make an image look the best it can be.

What does color correction mean?

Color correction is how we achieve optimum results when reproducing images for web or print. Our equipment is calibrated to preserve skin tones and optimize the ambient light. Using customized ICC profiles means your image will look its best.

How many photos will we get?

Our philosophy is quality over quantity. We painstakingly edit each of our photos which is a time consuming process. We provide all our clients with full-resolution files that can be used for prints or if you are a professional, for advertising and printed marketing materials. We also provide our clients with web images to use for their online or social media presence. In order to keep our high standards we do tend to offer less photos per session. The exception to this are wedding and event clients who will receive all of our selections (usually between 200-500 depending on the event).

How long will it take to get my photos back?

Depending on the job, it may take anywhere from 2 – 8 weeks to get your final photos back. We make proofs available within a week of shoot time. We expect you to review your photos and select those you like. All of your selections will be retouched and color corrected. Weddings and events may take up to 6 months.

Can you do family portraits, pet portraits or weddings?

Our specialty is commercial and editorial photography. That said, as a family owned business we are more than happy to photograph yours. Our same high-standards of retouching and color correction will apply for all clients. We offer several wedding and family event packages. Also check out our digital painting page to have your image turned into a hand crafted painting that will become a keepsake for years to come.

What about photo restoration?

Yes! Our unique retouching skills lend themselves to photo restoration. In many instances, we can restore your image to its original glory or create something entirely new. Please visit our digital painting and restoration page for more information.